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Olives 40

Smoked almonds 55

Fine de Claire oysters 35/pc
with vinaigrette, Tabasco
and lemon

Potato chips with bleak 95
fish roe and sour cream

Cheese & charcuterie 155 / 255

Deep-fried squid 95
with aioli and lemon

Lamb rillette on hard bread 95
with herb mayonnaise and
pickled rutabaga


Goat Cheese 125
Baked beetroot with gratinated
goat cheese, pickled pear and
roasted nuts

Bleak Roe 175
30g bleak roe with classic

Classic Toast Skagen ½ – 155
Skagen salad with butter fried
bread and lemon.Topped with
bleak roe

Steak Tartare ½ – 145
Beef topside with beetroot,
capers, horseradish, onion,
dijonnaise and pommes

(V) “Råraka” 125
Pan fried “råraka” with mushrooms,
herb crème, roasted and baked
onions and lingonberries

Squid 115
Lemon and garlic fried squid
with grilled lettuce, roasted
chorizo, black olives and

Salmon 145
Fröya salmon sashimi with
soy, wasabi and sliced
winter radish


Cod 265
Baked cod with shrimps, egg,
horseradish, browned butter
and amandine potatoes

(v) Season Vegetables & Fried Tofu 185
Baked broccoli and pumpkin,
roasted cauliflower, peanut
sauce, roasted seeds and
fried tofu

Char 225
Char with potatoes and mushroom
stomp, baked yellow beetroot,
pickled chanterelle, mussel
velouté with salmon roe
and herbs

Classic Toast Skagen 1/1 – 215
Skagen salad with butter fried
brioche and lemon.Topped with
bleak roe

Caesar Salad 175
Caesar salad with grilled
chicken and smoked pork belly.
Served with romaine salad,
croutons, Caesar dressing
and parmesan

Steak Tartare 1/1 – 230
Beef topside with beetroot,
capers, horseradish, onion,
dijonnaise and pommes allumettes.
Served with aioli and French fries

Steak-frites 295
Grilled ribeye with tomato
and onion salad, béarnaise
sauce and French fries

Bleak Roe 295
60 g bleak roe with classic

Gnocchi 195
Gnocchi with fried mushrooms,
baked cabbage, pumpkin,
grated Västerbotten
cheese, cauliflower and
pickled chanterelles

Pork Belly 225
Slow roasted pork belly with
with glazed onions and apple,
pork broth and deep fried
Jerusalem artichoke. Served
with potato and mushroom stomp

Taverna’s Weekly Special 175


Mozzarella 145
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil

Salami 145
Tomato, buffalo mozzarella,
salami romana, chili flakes

Goat cheese 145
Tomato, mozzarella, goat cheese,
candied pecan, arugula

Prosciutto 145
Tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto,
arugula, parmesan

Bresaola 145
Tomato, mozzarella, roasted
portabello, bresaola, manchego,
roasted almonds

(v) Bianco 145
Roasted broccoli, portabello,
zucchini, candied nuts, hummus,
olive oil

Bleak Roe 175
Bleak roe, mozzarella, Sour
cream, red onion, prästost
cheese, dill, lemon


Bleak Roe | Steak-frites | Crème Brûlée

– 525 –

Taverna Wine Pairing

– 325 –


• Potato and mushroom stomp 55
• French fries 40
• Mixed Salad 55
• Small Caesar Salad 55
• Bearnaise Sauce 25
• Aioli 15


Crème brûlée 95

Chocolate Fondant 95
With cream cheese ice cream,
cloudberry and pecans

(v) Almond Cake 95
With cinnamon, lingonberry
sorbet and candied apple

Lemon Tarte 95

Chocolate Pralines 55

A Scoop of Ice Cream or Sorbet 35



V = Vegan


– 175 –

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